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How Does Your Product Packaging Tell Your Brand Story

Why did you start your business? We're pretty sure it wasn't because you wanted to sell one product every blue moon, or because you don't care about the services you provide. Let's be honest: We all want to make a difference, and we want to be recognized for delivering exceptional experiences. Without a positive reputation built on genuine feedback from satisfied customers, you can wave goodbye to local or worldwide recognition. Related: 5 tips for building your brand with product & packaging design You've probably noticed that bigger brands tend to have this nailed down. You see that red-and-white logo and instantly recognize Coca-Cola, or that blue background and yellow text belonging to IKEA. Even those multi-million-dollar brands had to start from somewhere. How on earth do you create something memorable—something that a customer will recognize and trust right away? One answer is product packaging. Packaging is the first thing someone will notice on a shelf or when they receive a delivery to their home. The more they relate to it, the more likely it is that they'll purchase or recommend it to others. However, before you reach stardom, there are several ways to increase the chance of getting noticed. From the way you speak about your brand to how you package your products, here's how to tell a memorable brand story. Colors draw in the customer Without color, the canvas is blank. A customer won't look twice at your product if it doesn't stand out to them in the first place. Think about what feelings you want someone to get from your product. Should it make them feel like having fun, like a quirky craft beer? Should it make them feel cared for, like a health-related product? Make a list of how you want your product to make customers feel, and find ways to translate that to your packaging. It can be easy to match colors with feelings: calming blues, bright yellows, passionate reds. A customer could be drawn to a certain color, depending on what they're looking for. Colors can help you convey your brand identity, as well. Who is your audience? As with any form of marketing, keeping your audience in mind throughout the process is a must. Who will buy your product, and what product packaging will appeal most to that particular audience? Think about colors, shapes, sizes—even the wording on each individual product's package. Customers often read the text on a product to reinforce their purchasing decisions in their minds. [Click to tweet ] For example, younger audiences prefer brighter, eye-catching colors with quirky shapes and blocky fonts. Older audiences who purchase luxury products prefer colors like black and gold, combined with elegant fonts and sophisticated language. It's all about knowing who you're selling to. Once you do, the rest will come far more easily. Delivery boxes No matter the size of your business, it's not only important to have great product packaging on the shelves. When a customer makes a purchase online, they should feel the same excitement for their delivery as they do for the product in the box. Depending on the size of your business, you might need to batch-order boxes for delivering your products. Businesses often need extra help to meet customer demand. BCS box-making machinery can help to create quality, durable boxing that makes an impact. Consider sprucing up your boxes with custom-branded stamps, tape and delivery labels—as well as adding extra protection for your product inside each box. Think about padding, branded freebies, and money-off coupons as ways to encourage repeat purchases from your customers. Logos & graphics If you're not including your logo and other branded imagery on your products, how do you expect a customer to know it's you? When people see a familiar logo, they know almost instantly whether they trust that business enough to buy the product. Graphics, although not always brand-specific, can often make or break your product packaging. If you're selling healthy products, you're more likely to succeed with a green, leafy design. Think about what works, and use a bit of common sense to gauge how you want the product to come across. Product blurbs Your brand story is important. So important, in fact, that many businesses make space on their product packaging to write a little about how their business started. Other companies write about their values, such as Lush and their natural, eco-friendly approach. You can probably think of a few other examples of brands who do this well—which means they're doing things the right way. The care and effort you take here will pay off when customers remember your story and take it to heart. Shoppers will appreciate an attractive design with an inspiring blurb more than one with a cut-and-dry description. Don't forget that it's often the packaging of a product that sells it, not just what's inside. Key takeaway Customers need to recognize your products before building trust and loyalty in your brand. Find your brand's voice and tell its story—your product packaging depends on it. Want more branding & design tips? Subscribe to the Lucidpress blog to get our best delivered to your inbox twice a month.

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Punishment Versus Rehabilitation - 1513 Words

Punishment vs. Rehabilitation Brenda A. Dove AJS/502 Version I September 10, 2012 John V. Baiamonte, Jr. Ph.D. Punishment vs. Rehabilitation Punishment versus Rehabilitation, there has been many debates on the effectiveness of punishment compared to the effectiveness of rehabilitation of convicted offenders in prison and under community supervision. If an individual commits a crime serious enough to warrant incarceration, then the individual is sent to prison as a form of punishment. While incarcerated the individual may have the opportunity to receive rehabilitation. Does it mean that the individual will be rehabilitated? One can only imagine. This is a debatable issue. Is punishment or rehabilitation more effective in combating crime?†¦show more content†¦The nuances of his findings were lost, and the research was presented as showing that correctional treatment programs did not work at rehabilitating criminal offenders. The infamous sound bite that emerged from this was that â€Å"Nothing Works† when it comes to rehabilitation (para.3). In fact, the actual results said no one approach works with everybody. Despite the fact that the sound bite was an exaggeration, the message carried great influence in legislative and public policy debates and actions. The Nothing Works message swept the political and public policy arenas and correctional programs and practice. Rehabilitation programs and services were greatly reduced from the correctional landscape (para.4). This belief indicated that if offenders could not be rehabilitated then they should be punished and it was time to get tough on crime. Within a relatively short time parole was attacked and the individual approach of indeterminate sentencing, or release by the authority of a parole board was abolished in 16 states (Rhine, Smith, and Jackson, 1991) and some form of determinate sentencing was adopted in all 50 states (Mackenzie, 2000)]. According to Department of Corrections, (n.d.), [However, not all hope was lost. A small number of vocal critics of the ‘nothing works’ doctrine actively challenged the assumptions and empirical evidence presented by MartinsonShow MoreRelatedPunishment Versus Rehabiliation1445 Words   |  6 PagesPunishment Versus Rehabilitation Isabel Nevarez University of Phoenix AJS/504 Nicholas Russo August 17, 2015 This paper, I will discuss the issues of punishment versus rehabilitation. I will point out issues on how punishment and rehabilitation affects deterrence of crime, how it affects victims and their family. I will also discuss how it affects offenders, the impact it has on society, and the fiscal impact upon society. Punishment and rehabilitation helps the inmate in different ways.Read MoreJunenile Justice System Should Focus on Rehabilitation Essay1729 Words   |  7 PagesJuvenile Justice System Should Focus on Rehabilitation University of Phoenix Juvenile Justice System Should Focus on Rehabilitation Rehabilitation over Punishment, why one is better or more effective than the other, in order to answer this questions one must understand what each means. Punishment is a consequence of doing something that is unacceptable, it is meant to be unpleasant, the problem with punishment is it does nothing to address the social or mental processes that maybe contributingRead MorePunishment vs Rehabilitation1678 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿ Punishment versus Rehabilitation Survey of Justice and Security - AJS/502 March 17, 2014 Arnold Wicker    Punishment versus Rehabilitation, there has been many debates on the effectiveness of punishment compared to the effectiveness of rehabilitation of convicted offenders in prison and under community supervision. Punishment is defined as a penalty that is imposed on an individual for doing something wrong. The term rehabilitation is defined as a way to help somebodyRead MoreTension between Rehabilitation and Punishment in an Incarceration Setting653 Words   |  3 PagesEssay Discussing Discuss: The tension between rehabilitation and punishment in an incarceration setting. What happens when one is emphasized over the other? Is it possible to strike a balance? The tension between rehabilitation and punishment has been increasing dramatically. This is because there have been sharp rises in the prison population and repeat offender rates. When one area is over emphasized in relation to the other, there is the possibility that imbalances will occur. Over the courseRead MorePunishment vs Rehabilitation1661 Words   |  7 PagesPunishment vs. Rehabilitation Helen Olko October 1, 2012 Abstract The expectations that our society has for the criminal justice system  is to punish and rehabilitate individuals who commit crime. Punishment and rehabilitation are also two of the four acknowledged objectives of the criminal justice system, with deterrence and incapacitation being the others. In the United States, punishment has always been the primary goal to achieve when dealingRead MoreJuvenile Crime Has Become More Valuable Members Of Society?938 Words   |  4 Pagesto reduce the incidence of juvenile crime and find effective legislation to discipline these youths, but there are questions about these methods. What is more effective, incarceration or rehabilitation? Does criminal punishment intimidate more youths away from a life of crime, and would productive rehabilitation efforts influence these youths to becoming more valuable members of society? The National Institute Justice states that juvenile crime rates have fallen over 55% than its peak in 1994, butRead MorePunishment Is The Punishment An Individual948 Words   |  4 PagesRetribution can be described with these two words: Deserved Punishment. Retribution is the punishment an individual receives contingent upon the severity of their wrong doings. They must â€Å"pay their debts†. The authors of the text â€Å"Criminal Justice in America† mentions that if the government fails to sentence the individual to an appropriate amount of punishment, society will take the situation into their own hands (Cole, Smith and DeJong 277). If a murderer receives 5 years in prison, the familyRead MoreThe On The Juvenile Justice System Essay1236 Words   |  5 Pagesthe purposes clause would go against the primary purpose of the juvenile justice system, rehabilitation and treatment as opposed to punishment. During the 19th century, the American legal system tended to treat juveniles who violated the criminal law much as it did adult offenders. Consequently, if courts found children criminally responsible, they would then impose the same sentences, e.g. capital punishment, and committed these youths to the same penal facilities as they did adult criminals. DespiteRead MoreOvercrowded Jails and Prisons1821 Words   |  7 Pagesthe inmates? For many years now rehabilitation has been an issue within the Criminal Justice System. The debate of should these criminals be punished or should they be rehabilitated. What is the reason for our jails and prisons for becoming so full? Is it because we simply like to house criminals to keep them off the streets or do we truly not know how to rehabilitate them back in to society properly? Penitentiaries first used rehabilitation as a form of punishment with in their facilities, the inmatesRead MoreCollege For Inmates At The Tax Payers1651 Words   |  7 Pagesbe offered to prisoners, and if it is offered how should these inmates be selected so that the tax payer’s money isn’t wasted? A former executive editor for the New York Times says that the program improves the rehabilitation process prisons should be focused on, rather than punishment, and is a worthy investment to save the tax payer’s money no matter how the inmates are chosen. On the other hand, a graduate from Washington College states that inmates shouldn’t be allowed such a privilege as receiving

Gender And Sexuality By William Shakespeare - 2834 Words

Gender and sexuality is among the most exploited issues in the contemporary society since there is a lot of controversies and concerns arising from the same topic. Various works of literature have been written to explore the theme of gender and sexuality displaying how different groups of people exemplify the notion of masculinity and femininity and generally how men relate to women in the society. Shakespeare’s play examines the various issues that surrounded the sixteenth century and to some extent they still exist in the present world. This paper will mainly analyze how the play explores the theme of gender and sexuality and the paper will analyze the presentation of gender roles and especially how women act within or outside their roles and marriage. In Othello, the male characters assume female as promiscuous, and this is the main reason the three women as presented in the play are accused of sexual promiscuity. For example, Othello speaks of women in this way, when he sa ys, â€Å"Must be to loathe her. O curse of marriage! That we can call these delicate creatures ours, And not their appetites! I had rather be a toad, And live upon the vapor of a dungeon, Than keep a corner in the thing I love† (Shakespeare, III.iii. 260-281). This is not always the truth in the real world since people; people should not be discriminated based on their gender. For an extended period, the society expected women to conduct themselves in a moral way and on the other hand, menShow MoreRelatedWilliam Shakespeare And Carol Ann Duffys Subvert Traditional Roles Of Gender And Sexuality1740 Words   |  7 Pagesbibliography - 1,733 words. W/out the above - 1,361 words. Candidate number: 12610 How do William Shakespeare and Carol Ann Duffy subvert traditional roles of gender and sexuality in â€Å"From Mrs Tiresias† and â€Å"Sonnet 20†? Both Carol Ann Duffy in â€Å"From Mrs Tiresias† and William Shakespeare in â€Å"Sonnet 20† subvert male gender roles by presenting the male protagonists with physical female traits. Both Shakespeare and Duffy manipulate the reader’s expectations, using familiar poetic forms and imagery –Read MoreHow William Shakespeare And Carol Ann Duffys Subverting The Gender Roles Of Gender And Feminism1430 Words   |  6 Pages14 October 2017 How do William Shakespeare and Carol Ann Duffy subvert traditional roles of gender and sexuality in â€Å"From Mrs Tiresias† and â€Å"Sonnet 20†? Both Carol Ann Duffy in â€Å"From Mrs Tiresias† and William Shakespeare in â€Å"Sonnet 20† subvert male gender roles by presenting the male protagonists with physical female traits. Both poets differ in their presentation of traditional gender roles and sexuality. In â€Å"From Mrs Tiresias†, Carol Ann Duffy subverts the gender role of men as strong masculineRead MoreGender Stereotypes : Macbeth And The Wife Of Bath1515 Words   |  7 PagesThere is no doubt that gender stereotypes still exist, although many women throughout the history had put their effort to lessen it. As the matter of fact, women often faced many obstacles due to the well-known gender stereotypes. This triggered the literature authors to write a literature in a feminist view, which ultimately had led feminism to predominantly act as a common literary device throughout the medieval ages and the Renaissance. While many authors portrayed women as a weak stereotypicalRead MoreShakespeare s Twelfth Night : Gift Exchange, Debt And The Early Modern Matrimonial Economy1321 Words   |  6 Pagesand gender identity became a more acceptable concept.However, even though it became acceptable once again in the twenty first century. Literature throughout the ages depicted differ ent sexual orientation and gender identification. The play Twelfth Night made produced by William Shakespeare discusses the topics of sexuality during the early 17th century. The articles Gender Trouble in ‘Twelfth Night by Casey Charles agrees that the main central theme of this play is associated with gender identificationRead MoreGender Relations During The Jacobean Period864 Words   |  4 Pages Deconstructing Gender Relations Gender in the Jacobean Period was approached differently than gender in the 18th century. One can use the Jacobean period play Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare and the 18th century play The Beaux Stratagem by George Farquhar to examine gender relations during the two periods. The plays demonstrate how women were represented in society and what societal expectations were at the time. The way women navigated their own sexuality, finances, and power relation’sRead MorePower Struggle In The Handmaids Tale By Margaret Atwood1373 Words   |  6 PagesRenowned playwright William Shakespeare, and contemporary novelist Margaret Atwood both explore power struggle from a feminist perspective. Shakespeare in ‘King Lear’ and Atwood in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ explore varying power struggles and their correlation to gender through their respective texts. Shakespeare and Atwood use the genders of their central characters to focus on power in historic al and dystopian settings. Both authors explore religious frameworks, the types of power in a patriarchalRead MoreGender Issues In The Merchant Of Venice1359 Words   |  6 PagesThe Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare was an in depth play that contains many issues over race, sexuality, and gender. William Shakespeare does a great job at portraying the characters views on these issues. The conflicts between the characters are captivating. This play has constant complications that can be related to modern times. Right off the bat Shakespeare introduces the characters as having values of honorability, love, passion, and religion. The play is in some way trying to teachRead MoreThe Fight For Gender Equality Essay1357 Words   |  6 Pagesfigures, and thereby restricted to gender specific roles that otherwise downplayed the significance of women. In modern times, women and men fought for gender equality, but fighting for gender equality or feminism wasn’t confined to mode rn times. Furthermore, the fight for gender equality was not confined to the general public; artists, scientists, writers, and poets in some form argued for gender equality. Now, this essay won t focus on every aspect of gender equality by every single influentialRead MoreThe Role of Women in Othello645 Words   |  3 Pages There are only three female characters in William Shakespeares play Othello, Desdemona, Othello’s wife, Emilia, Iago’s wife and Desdemona’s lady-in-waiting, and Bianca, a courtesan. When first introduced to this limited number of representatives of the female gender, it is quickly assumed that they will not be very present or have an important role in story. In addition, the male characters of the play see women as submissive and promiscuous possessions that should be controlled by either theirRead MoreHomosexuality : A Platonic Relationship1553 Words   |  7 PagesOne of the biggest debates when it comes to Shakespeare is if homosexuality is present in his works or not. This debate only began in recent decades when the term â€Å"homosexuality† was not seen as completely taboo. Many scholars debate that the â€Å"platonic† relationships between men were really participating in homosexual relationships, which were covered in many layers of English Renaissance language. These scholars also argue that women during this time were used for two reasons: 1) to cover up said

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The Declaration Of Independence By Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Oppressed and suffering from female discrimination, Women s Rights activist, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, wrote the declaration of Sentiments to declare independence for women from men. Stanton articulates how all men and women are created equal, in her declaration she outlines the injustices towards women by men in eighteen charges against the male dominant society. By modeling the declaration after Jefferson s Declaration of Independents she creates a patriotic tone in order to pursued all women and men, particularly Attendees at Seneca Falls Convention to fight for more Rights for women. Thomas Jefferson, wrote the Declaration of Independence after Americans had suffered under the controle by Great Britain in order to formally declare independence from Great Britian by the colonies. Modeling â€Å"A Decleration of Sentiments† after â€Å"The Decleration of Indapendents† Stanton is able to appeal to fundamental national morals; Stanton uses the pursuasuve appeals of ethos, pathos, and logos, to give a compelling argument for women s rights through illistartation of the injustices towards women in a male dominent society. Both the â€Å"Declaration of Sentiments† and the â€Å"Declaration of Independence† were written to pursuade an audience to change unjust laws. The purpose of both documents was to gain freedom from an tyrannical form of governement. The â€Å"Declaration of Sentiments† was written to illistarte the inequalities of women in hopes to alter the mindset ofShow MoreRelatedElizabeth Cady Stanton And The Declaration Of Independence Essay1894 Words   |  8 PagesOverview Principally authored by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and presented in Seneca Falls, New York on July 19, 1848 at the first Women’s Rights Convention, The Declaration of Sentiments outlined a series of grievances resulting from the marginalization of women and proposed eleven resolutions, arguing that women had the right to equality in all aspects of their lives. The Declaration generated widespread ridicule and even hostility particularly from religious leaders and members of the press and evenRead MoreThe Original Riot Grrrls By Elizabeth Cady Stanton1385 Words   |  6 Pageshave taken control of their opinions and used their strong-will to make the necessary changes in American society. During the Seneca Falls Convention, Elizabeth Cady Stanton exclaimed in her address, â€Å"The right is ours. The question now is: how shall we get possession of what rightfully belongs to us,† (Stanton). The leaders, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Mott of the Seneca Falls Convention , along with other female leaders, displayed civil disobedience, provided powerful lectures, and organizedRead MoreEssay on Elizabeth Cady Stantons Fight for Equality 1252 Words   |  6 PagesElizabeth Cady Stanton was not just a mother, daughter, feminist, and writer; but she is the woman who changed the lives of women everywhere by fighting for equality. Stanton lived a normal childhood, but one that motivated her to never give up hope in reaching her goal. A quick background of her life will help better understand why she became such a powerful woman’s rights activist. Also, what she accomplished that changed history and how it still affects us today in 2011. I will also express myRead MoreElizabeth Cady Stanton s Declaration Of Sentiments And Resolutions Essay1405 Words   |  6 PagesA Call to Women, a Call to All Elizabeth Cady Stanton fought tirelessly against inequality between men and women, an issue that still plagues this nation. From her first address to her last, Elizabeth was the voice of the women’s rights movement. She lectured across the nation and publically debated the unjust laws of her day (â€Å"Elizabeth Cady Stanton†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ). Two of her more prominent and potent speeches were â€Å"Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions† and â€Å"Solitude of Self†. These speeches served asRead MoreSeneca Falls The First Women s Rights Convention937 Words   |  4 Pageswomen’s rights convention in the United States. The convention took place at the Wesleyan Chapel in Seneca Falls, NY, on July 19, 1848 (Seneca Falls Convention Begins). This convention was organized by two abolitionist named Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton with the help of Martha Wright, Mary Ann McClintock, and Jane Hunt. They posted the announcement in the Seneca County Couri er on July 14, 1848. The message said â€Å"A Convention to discuss the social, civil, and religious conditions and rightsRead MoreSeneca Falls Research Paper1471 Words   |  6 Pageswomen. Women such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Lucretia Coffin Mott helped to kickstart the innovative ideas produced before and through the convention. The Wesleyan Methodist Church in Seneca Falls was the site of the first womens rights convention in the United States. The meeting took place on July 19-20, 1848.1 On the first day, only women were permitted to speak, and men joined in on the second day.2 The convention was really started by Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Stanton was born in JohnstownRead MoreGrace Kirby. Trahan. English 8. 3/22/17. Elizabeth Cady904 Words   |  4 PagesGrace Kirby Trahan English 8 3/22/17 Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the Fight for Women’s Rights In the early 1800 s women were expected to stay in the home and care for the children. They were not allowed to vote or own property. The women were also expected to care for their husband’s needs. When a woman entered into marriage she lost her rights to speak for herself and she could not work for wages outside the home. A shift in the societal environment for women started with an idea of equality whichRead More Comparing Elizabeth Stanton’s Declaration of Sentiments and The Women’s Bible2339 Words   |  10 PagesElizabeth Cady Stanton’s Declaration of Sentiments and The Women’s Bible      Ã‚  Ã‚   Elizabeth Cady Stanton was one of the most renowned women to lead campaigns for women’s rights. Her efforts were focused on opportunities for women, for married women’s property rights, the right to divorce, and the right to custody of children; her most radical demand was for women’s right to vote (Davidson and Wagner-Martin 845). In general Stanton wished to instill independence and self-reliance in all womenRead MoreElizabeth Cady Stanton s Declaration Of Sentiments1249 Words   |  5 PagesMy paper will include Elizabeth Cady Stanton and what made her set out to start the Women s Rights Movement with her friend Susan B Anthony. Elizabeth became an early leader for the women s rights movements, writing the â€Å"Declaration of Sentiments† as a sign for equal rights for women.In every soul there is bound up some truth and some error, and each gives to the world of thought what no other one possesses.—Cousin. Elizabeth Cady Stanton was born on November 12, 1815 in Johnstown New York.Read MoreEffects Of Oppression On African Americans740 Words   |  3 Pagesâ€Å"What the Slave is the Fourth of July† in which he said, â€Å"The rich inheritance of justice, liberty, prosperity, and independence, bequeathed by your fathers, is shared by you, not by me.† (Douglass 290) Furthermore, Douglass is stating that not everyone got the liberty that and independence that others did, as well as their family and friends. Justice, liberty, prosperity, and independence only applied to white people, not African Americans. Again, this is one of the many reasons why Douglass faced oppression

Who Owns The Internet And How It Affects My Own Experience...

This essay will be divided in three parts. First I will present how U.S media presents a slanted and distorted version of the â€Å"truth†. Second I will discuss how I interpret â€Å"who owns the internet† and how it affects my own experience with communication and last I will address I think â€Å"Islam† as term or ideological concept, currently serves a â€Å"system supporting propaganda function†. The United States journalism have come a long way since it rose as a political weapon, facing critical junctures such as the one caused by publishers using their monopolistic power to promote their political viewpoints which were generally conservative, pro-business and anti-labor which led to the separation of owners and editors so that there is not biases from owners political views in the press. News became more objective since it was managed by professional journalists, however professionalism came to be to the owners’ biases on their commercial an d political needs. Press owners do not want to displease big corporations and their ideals because that is a good portion of their money income. Now a days Journalism is influenced by politics and corporations. News show the public not what is really happening but what politics and corporations want the public to see for their benefits either monetary or social equilibrium, mainly because the news rely on government and corporations’ information due to quid pro quo and economy. This has led to distortion of the â€Å"truth† in other words propaganda. WeShow MoreRelatedThe Internet Is Arguably Gender Neutral1655 Words   |  7 PagesThe Internet is arguably gender-neutral. Unlike in face to face communication, when given the freedom of neutrality, some are confrontational online, while others are more open, humorous and less judgmental. In my experience, I can speak my opinions easier online than in person. For instance, on Twitter, I could discuss the current political issues with my followers. The inherent ability that others can disagree with my thoughts or beliefs fosters reassurance and self-esteem. If my followers doRead MoreThe Influence of the Internet on Modern Society.1490 Words   |  6 PagesThe influence of the internet on modern society. CSC 1015 By Ryan Foreman 091811594 Introduction This essay focuses on the impact that the interent has had on modern society. I will give a brief history of the internet, talking about its origins and the key developments that have occured up until now. Then look at how the internet has changed society so far, including how it has changed social interactions, e-commerce and jobs. Also discussing the advantages and disadvatages of the interent andRead MoreTaking a Look at Net Neutrality1655 Words   |  7 Pagesinform you on how net neutrality may affect you and in what ways. Net Neutrality is an open and free way of internet. All information is shared without discrimination of the content and everything is shared equally. The purpose is to make you aware of Net Neutrality and the impact is would have on the internet with or without. Awareness about net neutrality is a must because regardless of your stance after being informed it could affect the way you use and view content on the internet. The problemRead MoreCommunication Is A n Crucial Instrument For The Human. It1226 Words   |  5 PagesCommunication is an crucial instrument for the human. It helps us to understand each other, be able to influence each other, and be able to function together, in groups and as a whole. It is important to the relationship. A relationship is how people interconnect with others. It forms during reciprocal message processing, which occurs when two or more people mutually take account of and adjust to each other’s verbal and nonverbal behavior (Ruben Stewart, 2016 P219). A simple relationship exampleRead MoreMy Application For A Computer895 Words   |  4 PagesI completed my undergrad in electrical and communication engineering in 2012, but I was interested in my field since I was in high school. At that time I was using the internet for playing games, reading electronic newspapers and watching video songs on YouTube, but I did not know how it used to play on my computer. This imagination developed a spark inside me to know how this is working. I asked it to my neighbor who is also an engineer. He told me it’s related to networking field. Every site hasRead MoreTraditional Marketing Is No Longer Working1055 Words   |  4 Pagescommunicating and sharing information. But ... whats new in blogs? The reason because blogging has quickly became such a popular tool for internet communication is just because the users can generate the content. Users can create the content. It’s no more one side information, but two sides! There is a conversation between two parts. Fashion blogs as a communication channel have become a really important topic in the Spanish media in recent years. Fashion blogs can help fashion companies to reach outRead MoreOur Distracted Culture : What Was It?1643 Words   |  7 PagesWhen I was younger my imagination was my entertainment; I grew up in a lower class family with not that many opportunities to participate in activities. I had cousins to play with of course, and all we would do is play simple games like hide-and-seek, tag, and pretending to be power rangers. At the time the closest thing we had to technology was watching television. We would watch cartoons such as scooby doo, the teenage mutant ninja turtles, and others. I remember the day of my youth when I foundRead More Social Networks Essay1380 Words   |  6 Pagesthe internet has become a important part of everyday life by people of all ages. The internet is used for a variety of purposes, such as finding information, buying and selling products, watching television shows, finding friendships and searching for entertainment, but the main use for the internet is communication. Three quarters of American adults have been online, with even more teens (93%). Almost all of those internet users say their main purpose for going online is for communication (CorreaRead MoreWhat Was Beneficial About The Book Is Not Beneficial?1734 Words   |  7 Pagesbeneficial about the book? What about the book was not beneficial? I read this book during my spring break holidays. I took me a week to read the book and after reading it I came across various new concepts about how we as a student should follow rules and regulations when we actively participate in academic activity. The book benefited me and provided me the knowledge about academic honesty, plagiarism and how to continuously follow honesty on daily basis in school involving academic work. The bookRead MoreThe Negative Effects Of The Internet911 Words   |  4 Pagescalled the internet came about in the 1960s and was primary used for researchers and academia. But since the 1990s, the internet has had that revolutionary effect on the culture and commerce in our society. This includes communication by email, instant messaging, internet phone calls. In addition, there is also the world wide web with discussion forums, social networking sites, and online shopping sites which several amount of people, despite their generation have utilized to their own benefit. However

Laboratory Organizations CMS

Question: Indicate whether you agree or not, and why. Will this proposal affect "quality processes and results". Explain why or why not. Answer: CMS made an announcement in its memorandum that a bachelor degree in nursing is equivalent to an associate concerning biological science and allows an individual having a nursing degree to perform high and moderate complexity tests (Dickerson, 2016). Degree in biological science demands advance coursework to safeguard a patients health. CLIA complexity laboratory serves the senior supervisory to satisfy the specific clinical training. CMS is urged to put emphasis on their patients first and later withdraw its policy that nursing is a biological science. Reference list: Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services (CMS), HHS. (2015). Announcement of ruling: implementing United States v. Windsor for purposes of entitlement and enrollment in Medicare hospital insurance and supplementary medical insurance. Notice of CMS ruling.Federal register,80(30), 7975. Dickerson, D. (2016). Access to health care of your choice.North Carolina medical journal,77(2), 104-105.

Assignment of Business Tax Procedure and Management Essay Sample free essay sample

As a pupil of commercialism. we are supposed to cognize that what are the assorted methods through which we can be after our revenue enhancement liability as an person. house or company. This assignment gives the overview of different ways of revenue enhancement planning harmonizing to the fortunes predominating at that context. Determination OUT THE WAYS TO MINIMIZE THE TAX LIABILITY OF INDIVIDUAL. Firm AND COMPANIES†¦ [ ASSIGNMENT OF BUSINESS TAX PROCEDURE AND MANAGEMENT ] October 23. 2012 1 ) METHODS OF REDUCING TAX LIABILITY OF INDIVIDUAL.1. Exhaust your full Section 80c tax write-off: Under Section 80C. the maximal tax write-off available is Rs 100. 000 dad which investors should seek to use. Make certain that fiscal merchandises which you are taking here are in line with your overall fiscal planning. In add-on. persons do understand that the benefits are capped. For case. puting 70. 000 in Public Provident Fund and 50. 000 in ELSS financess will give you revenue enhancement benefit of 1. We will write a custom essay sample on Assignment of Business Tax Procedure and Management Essay Sample or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page 00. 000 merely. In add-on make sure that you deduction. Make investings of over Rs 1. 00. 000 in Section 80C designated avenues but they need to maintain in head your Employee Provident Fund ( EPF ) annually amount excessively while puting for 80c Always look at the investings from the position whether it will run into your specific demands on adulthood. You should besides seek to diversify your nest eggs in different instruments. Following are some of the investments/contributions qualify for Section 80C tax write-offs. Public Provident Fund: Assured and revenue enhancement free returns have made Public Provident Fund ( PPF ) as a preferable pick for hazard inauspicious investors for old ages. It is an first-class tool for long term investing professionals or business communities non covered under Employees Provident Fund. We believe PPF should Long term ends can decidedly be realized through PPF. and is risk free as it is backed by authorities. It is even more important for freelance ideally be a really important portion of any individual’s portfolio but there can be differed sentiment on this. Employee Provident Fund: We usually hate any sort of tax write-offs in our monthly salary faux pass – its income revenue enhancement tax write-off. professional revenue enhancement tax write-off or even an EPF tax write-off. Very few of us truly know that this little EPF tax write-off each twelvemonth ca n in world make you a crorepati by the clip you retire. Encouraging fact is that this statement is applicable to even with those holding modest wages. money boulder clay retirement. There’s many if’s and but’s to accomplish that. most notably being defying the enticement to retreat Equity Linked Savings Scheme ( ELSS ) : This merchandise can assist people in all revenue enhancement brackets to salvage revenue enhancements while giving inflation-adjusted returns. The investor does non necessitate to pay any revenue enhancement on backdown excessively. ELSS has a lock-in period of three old ages. the shortest among all tax-saving instruments. Unit-linked insurance programs ( Ulips ) : These merchandises excessively can supply rising prices adjusted returns and chance to make wealth in the long term. as they invest in equities and debt documents. However. you need to maintain puting on a regular basis and wait until the adulthood. as high upfront charges eat into returns of the older merchandises ( issued before Sept. 1. 2010 ) . Even after the recent regulative alterations in Ulips. they are still expensive investing vehicle compared to common financess. Other insurance programs: Covering hazards is indispensable for your ends. Buy insurance for existent demand instead than for salvaging revenue enhancements. That’s why opt for a term program. as oppose to endowment eligible for tax write-off under Section 80C. Roll no. : 3483 and money back. as the former offers highest hazard screen for low premiums. The premiums paid are [ ASSIGNMENT OF BUSINESS TAX PROCEDURE AND MANAGEMENT ] October 23. 2012 New Pension Scheme ( NPS ) : This is the most recent entrant to the Section 80C instruments. It can be a good option for retirement planning with revenue enhancement nest eggs. The drawback is that the sum is nonexempt on backdown on adulthood. Pension Plans: Contribution in pension programs is allowed as tax write-off under Section 80CCC. Pension programs can be traditional or unit-linked. or from common fund houses. Other merchandises that are covered under Section 80C are national nest eggs certification. senior citizen nest eggs strategy. 5-year fixed sedimentations. including accumulated involvement. tuition fee for two kids for 80C. 80CCC and 80CCD is `1lakh. full clip classs. place loan chief refund. The combined bound of tax write-offs under Section 2. Long Term Infrastructure Chemical bonds: Govt. of India has allowed certain Infrastructure companies to publish Long Term Tax Saving Infrastructure Bonds. Investors of these Infra Chemical bonds can claim revenue enhancement freedom under subdivision 80 CCF of the Income Tax Act. 1961 for an sum up to Rs. 20000. This with subdivision 80CCE. Tax write-off is in add-on to Rs. 1. 00. 000 bound available under subdivisions 80C. 80CCC and 80CCD read Should you invest: It makes sense for people in the over Rs 8 hundred thousand nonexempt income slab to utilize the substructure bonds as a tax-saving instrument. For the people in the Rs 5-8 hundred thousand bracket. it would be advisable to put in substructure bonds if it would be an absolute no-no to put in Infrastructure Bonds for tax-saving intent. The period of investing is 3 old ages. but non for five old ages and for those in the Rs 1. 6-5 hundred thousand bracket. 3. HRA and Tax Benefits: Everyone who is having the HRA benefits from their employer is eligible to declare the HRA as the revenue enhancement nest eggs. Note that. if you are remaining in the rental house so merely it is applicable. If you are reside in your ain house. and so you will non be eligible to claim the revenue enhancement benefits for HRA paid by your employer. The inside informations about the HRA freedom in described under Section 10 ( 13A ) of the Income Tax act 1961. The following are the three conditions to eligible for HRA freedom: a. HRA must be included in your salary constituent b. degree Celsius. You are remaining in the rented house Your rent is more than 10 % of your wage 4. Opt for Joint Home Loan: If you are be aftering to purchase a house. choosing for joint place loan can be a better option. The principal eligible for a tax write-off of up to Rs 150. 000 per twelvemonth. Refund on a place loan is eligible for a tax write-off of up to Rs 100. 000 dad and the involvement paid is This will guarantee that both the co-owners can claim revenue enhancement tax write-offs in the proportion of their retention in the loan. The co-owner falling in the higher revenue enhancement bracket should keep a higher proportion of place loan to guarantee that the revenue enhancement benefits are maximized. 5. Medical insurance: An person who pays medical insurance premium for ego or spouse/dependent kids is allowed a tax write-off of up to Rs 15. 000 dad under subdivision 80D. An extra tax write-off of up to Rs 15. 000 dad is allowed for premium payment made for parents. In instance the parents are senior citizens. so the maximal tax write-off allowed is Rs 20. 000 per twelvemonth. 6. Other tax write-offs for salaried taxpayers: If your employer provides medical allowance. you can available an income revenue enhancement tax write-off of up to Rs 15. 000 per twelvemonth by offering cogent evidence of the relevant disbursals. If the employer gives leave travel allowance as a portion of your wage. you can avail income revenue enhancement the taxpayer ) . Leave travel allowance can be availed twice in a block of four calendar old ages. Soon. the block incurred on domestic travel. However. the travel manner can be anything ( cab. coach. train or air ) . Contributions: Subject to the stated bounds. contributions to specified funds/institutions are eligible for revenue enhancement benefits under Section Salaried persons who plan to prosecute higher instruction should avail of an instruction loan as the full involvement is eligible for tax write-off under Section 80E. The loan can be for ego. partner or kid from an approved charitable establishment or a notified fiscal establishment. 6. Turn Banal Losses into Tax Additions: 80G. You can derive from short term losingss you made in stocks harmonizing to income revenue enhancement act. If you have made long term capital additions from sale of belongings. gold or debt financess. you can put them against short term capital losingss made on stocks and convey down the revenue enhancement liability. Short term capital losingss can be set off against both short term capital additions every bit good as nonexempt long term capital additions. Income revenue enhancement act allows a taxpayer to claim a tax write-off of 40. 000 if there is a dependant who suffers from complaint specified under Section 80DDB. The tax write-off is higher at 60. 000 if patient is a senior citizen. Dependants can include partners. kids. parents and siblings. However. there is a status wherein the patient should be entirely dependent on revenue enhancement remunerator and should non hold individually claimed tax write-off for the disablement. If the sum spent is reimbursed by an employer or disbursal. the balanced can be claimed as tax write-off. 8. Claim benefits on instruction loan: an insurance company. there is no tax write-off. If the taxpayer gets partial reimbursement of the Rising cost of higher instruction is coercing people to borrow money to pay fees of their kids professional classs. The involvement paid on the instruction loan is to the full deductible from the nonexempt for the involvement paid for up to eight consecutive old ages. get downing from the twelvemonth in which twelvemonth is involvement is foremost paid. Proof required here is loan statement from the loaner. income under Section 80E. 2 ) METHODS OF REDUCING TAX LIABILITY OF HINDU UNDIVIDED FAMILY. The Income-Tax Act recognises the Hindu Undivided Family ( HUF ) as a separate revenue enhancement entity in add-on to persons who are members of such household. All Hindus. Buddhists. Sikhs and Jains governed by Hindu jurisprudence. can hold an HUF as a separate entity to claim income-tax and wealth revenue enhancement benefits. In add-on to the separate revenue enhancement freedom available to an HUF. an HUF is soon equal to what is available to an person who is non a senior citizen. Since it is a separate entity. it can have immoveable belongings and besides run its ain concern. gt ; Separate basic freedom An HUF is a separate and distinguishable entity and can claim a separate basic freedom bound independent of its members who. in their ain position as persons. can besides claim the bound in their several revenue enhancement returns. gt ; Exemptions available Since an HUF can have a house belongings and earn capital additions on the sale of such belongings ; it can besides claim freedom on the long-run capital additions on the sale. if the capital additions are invested for purchasing another house or for building a new house. In regard of capital additions from other assets. it can likewise. put the net consideration for purchase of belongings or building of a residential house and claim freedom. Since there is some inauspicious revenue enhancement impact in instance you own more than one residential house. it makes sense to purchase one house in the name of the HUF. alternatively of in your ain name. An HUF can besides take the benefit of puting its capital additions in the bonds o f NHAI or REC within six months from the day of the month of sale of an plus up to `50 hundred thousand in a fiscal twelvemonth. gt ; Deductions available An HUF can claim tax write-offs in regard of certain payments under Section 80C of the Income-Tax Act up to Rs1 hundred thousand. It can claim tax write-off for payments made for life insurance policy for any of its members. money deposited in Public Provident Fund and for investing in Ulips by any of its members. It can besides claim a tax write-off of Rs15. 000 towards payment for premium for taking wellness insurance for any of its members under Section 80D of the Income-Tax Act. In instance the member in regard of whom this wellness insurance premium is being paid is a senior citizen. the tax write-off available will travel up to Rs20. 000. As the cost of the medical insurance have gone up significantly in recent times. a separate bound for an HUF will be great alleviation for single taxpayers where the premium being paid for wellness insurance is more than the bound threshold bound. as the surplus can be claimed in the income-tax return of HUF. In the proposed DTC. the tax write-off in regard of life insurance premium. school fee for full-time instruction and premium for medical insurance will be available to persons and Roll no. : 3483 Page 6 So if you are among the taxpayers whose to hold an HUF so that you do non lose out of the Rs50. 000 tax write-off. Besides. and HUF can put up to Rs20. 000 in long-run substructure bonds and claim tax write-off from its income under Section 80CCF. This tax write-off is in add-on to the tax write-off available up to Rs1 hundred thousand discussed supra. Not merely this. an HUF can individually claim a tax write-off up to Rs50. 000 in regard of any life insurance policy for upkeep and care of a individual who is physically school fees and insurance premiums total up to the present bound of Rs1 hundred thousand. it makes sense disbursals incurred on medical intervention. rehabilitation and preparation etc or for taking out handicapped and suffers from specified disease under Section 80DD of the Income-Tax Act. It can besides claim tax write-off up to Rs40. 000 and Rs60. 000 in instance of senior citizen in regard of disbursals incurred for intervention of any of its members from specifi ed disease under Section 80DDB. From the present bill of exchange of DTC. it seems that the tax write-off in regard of saving-based part is proposed to be withdrawn for HUF as per clause 69. This anomaly needs to be brought to the notice of the lawgivers to go on the benefit. 3 ) METHODS TO REDUCE TAX LIABILITY OF INDIAN COMPANIES. Indian Companies had been given tax write-offs and freedoms to set their revenue enhancement liability topic to carry throughing certain conditions. they can understate their revenue enhancement liability: ? Puting up the freshly established concern projects in FREE TRADE ZONES u/s ? Setting up freshly established units in SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONES u/s 10AA. ? Puting up concern endeavors in 100 % EXPORT ORIENTED UNDERTAKINGS u/s 10B. o Deductions available to the Indian companies are as given: 10A. Following are some of the freedoms available to the Indian companies through which ? Sec80-IA: Tax write-off in regard of net incomes and additions from industrial projects or endeavors engaged in substructure development. Roll no. : 3483 Page 7 80-IAB: Tax write-off in regard of net incomes and additions by an projects or endeavors engaged in development of Particular Economic zone. ? 80-IB: Tax write-offs in regard of net incomes and additions from certain industrial ? 80-IC: Tax write-offs in regard of net incomes and additions of certain industrial projects in certain particular class of provinces. ? 80-ID: Tax write-offs in regard of net incomes and additions of hotels and convention Centres in NCR. ? 80-IE: Tax write-offs in regard of net incomes and additions of certain projects in North Eastern States. ? 80JJAA: Tax write-off in regard of employment of new workingmans. ? 33-AB: Tax write-off provided to companies for holding Tea Development Account. ? 35-ABB: Tax write-offs allowed to Indian Companies if they are supplying Telecommunications Services. ? 35-AD: Outgo on specified concern. agricultural extension undertaking. ? 35CCD: Weighted tax write-off for outgo for accomplishment development for mineral oil. ? 42 and 44BB: Particular proviso for tax write-off in the instance of concern for prospecting ? 44AD: Particular commissariats for calculating net incomes and additions for a concern. ? 44AE: Particular commissariats in the instance of concern of providing. hiring or renting goods passenger cars. Tax Planning WITH REFERENCE TO FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT DECISIONS Before get downing a new undertaking a critical managerial determination sing choosing right type of capital construction has to be taken. An optimal capital construction is one which maximises the shareholder’s return. The revenue enhancement contriver should decently equilibrate hazard. cost. and control and revenue enhancement consideration. Under the revenue enhancement Torahs. dividend on portions is non deductible and ? 35CCC: Weighted tax write-off for outgo incurred on agricultural extension on projects other than substructure development projects.